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Zeus is a guaranteed drop. First timers should not expect to zero stone his dungeon without a great deal of luck AND a very strong team. Spending stones for your first Zeus is a rite of passage of sorts for most PAD veterans.


  • Floor 4 - Two Chimeras that hit often and hard. Since Zeus follows right after this stage, it may be risky to burn skills on this floor. Most Zeus clear stones are used on this floor!
  • Floor 5 - Zeus attacks every turn, binds gods and hits incredibly hard. Chances are he will kill you every turn if you allow him to attack. He also has a huge (3.8 million) HP pool.


  • Gravity & Delayer - Gravity is percentage based and will therefore take care of a big chunk of Zeus's huge HP pool. You most likely want to bring two to three gravity users if possible. Remember, Zeus has gravity himself, so bringing a Zeus helper is oftentimes a great idea. Echidna or Viper Orochi are required to give you extra turns to work through the rest of Zeus's HP.
  • Stall for skills on Floor 2 - The mask floor is the best floor to stall on while charging active skills. With a max skill Echidna, you get nine turns of divine mask stalling for each use of her skill.
  • Synced Chimeras - If your team is going to need to use stones to pass floor 4, it may be best to just quit out of the dungeon and retry if your Chimeras are not synced. They hit hard enough to one-shot most teams so you want their attack turns to be synced; that way you only die once every two turns instead of once every turn, a big deal if you're planning to charge skills again before Zeus.
  • Farmable Dark Team (No REM) - The standard farmable dark Zeus team is a Vampire Lord leader, two Heras for their gravity skill, a Chaos Dragon Knight, an Echidna, and a buff Zeus helper. Refer to this chart for expected stone usage.
  • Egyptian team - Horus/Horus, Horus/Isis and Horus/Zeus teams can all brute force Zeus with relative consistency. If you only have an Isis, something like Isis/Echidna/Hera/Hera/green/Zeus will work but will cost more stones. The more Gravity the better! 0-10 stone clear depending on team levels and matching skill.
  • Lucifer + 4 Gravities - If you're lucky enough to have a Lucifer, you'll want to bring four Gravities and a Lucifer friend. Farm Hera or use Hades if you have him. Burn three gravities on Floor 4 and use one Morning Star to kill one of the Chimeras. Then stall on the remaining Chimera until all cooldowns are ready. Four Gravities and two Morning Stars will kill Zeus, so hope for a 2 turn cooldown on Zeus himself! 0-3 stone clear, depending on your luck and matching skill.
  • Goemon team - A high level Goemon team with a Horus sub and Freyr or King Bubblie active skill can one-shot Zeus


  • A Vampire Lord NO REM 4-stone clear. Everyone is max level and, aside from the Gravity users, max skilled, but the clear still takes him 4 stones. He might have been able to save himself a stone on Zeus himself if he had stalled for his friend Zeus' gravity to come up on the mask wave.
  • A Horus clear. Tubegameplayer's ridiculous Horus team takes on Zeus with relative ease. Lesser Egyptian teams can take Zeus on, but expect to spend anywhere between 5-10 stones.
  • A Goemon clear. Yet another Tubegameplayer video. Fast clears for advanced players looking for Zeus skillups. The same principle works for a less leveled Goemon team.
  • Another Goemon clear. This Goemon clear is by yours truly. Not as fast as TGP.
  • Lucifer clear. Requires four Gravity users for a zero stone clear.
  • Byakko clear. Chinese gods can do Descended dungeons too! Easier than Horus due to elemental weaknesses.

Additional videos can be found here.