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Why you should clear this dungeon

Twinlit Evolutions: Many of the game's most venerable subs, as well as the older god pantheons, are getting ultimate evolutions which require either an Angelit or Devilit. These evolutions tend to completely revamp monsters, either giving them completely new roles in teams (Vampire, Ra, 3* Healer girls) or making them much better at what they used to do (Isis/Horus/Ra, Yomi). We don't consider these evolutions in the new players' guides, because twinlits are amongst the game's hardest dungeons to farm, but presumably if you're reading this you know what you're doing.

Farmable Tamadra: At 180 stamina per tamadra, twinlits is by far the best way to straight up buy tamadra with :tenbux:, at least for people who can reliably 0-stone this dungeon. This is a "good" enough deal that in JP the 6.4 patch removed the tamadra from wave 3 and replaced it with a shitty baby tamadra, so NA and EU players who want to get onto the awakening gravy train should do it as quickly as possible.

Farmable Dub-Myths/Mythlits: 160 stamina per mythlit (eeew) and 90 stamina per dub-myth (good, and the consolation prize is a fucking tamadra).

Zeus Team

Over time we'll be adding more but to start with here's a basic Zeus-lead, 2-delay team. The main goal of this team is to stall to get skills up on floor 1 then blast through the rest as quickly as possible.


Awoken Zeus or Awoken Zeus Olympios / Valkyrie / Verche / Echidna / Echidna or VO / Awoken Zeus or Awoken Zeus Olympios

Valk and Verche preferably busty and max skill, one of the Echidnas should be max skill, other delay skill level doesn't matter.

Wave 1 - All of the lits

This is by far the most "difficult" floor of this dungeon. The key for this team is to set up a proper first combo, and if you do, the rest is a cakewalk. If you don't, you'll either move on too quickly without being able to stall or you'll leave too many lits up and you'll get bound and killed.

The goal is to leave 1 full HP mythlit and part of any other lit. You can leave a full HP non-mythlit if you want, but kill it soon after. Ideally you want to stall here on a single mythlit as long as possible (within a few turns of Zeus gravs coming up). If you accidentally move on too early, you might be able to salvage your run if you have at least Echidna up. You may need to pop one of your delays here to let binds wear off before moving on, that's fine.

Target HP for moving on: Doesn't matter

Wave 2 - Dub-lits

There are 3 dubs here with 19 HP each and you have 2-4 starting turns to take them out. Pop a delay (Echidna is fine if you want to save VO) and get to work. Mass attacks are your friend here. Remember that you have a couple of orb changers on your team and if they are max skill that's even better, they will help a lot on this floor. You want to get them low then single target so you can get the most turns in to get your delay back up ASAP.

Target HP for moving on: At least 12,025, the next floor has 2x 6012 pre-emptive attacks.

Wave 3 - Dubs and Tamadra

This wave has 2 Dub-mythlits with 24 HP each on a 4-6 turn timer and 1 Tamadra with 20 HP on a 1-2 turn timer. Pop a delay and single-target down the dubs. If you absolutely need to use a mass attack go ahead be be careful because if you need to stall to get a delay back up you want to do so on the Tamadra. Feel free to use your orb changers here if you need them.

Once the dubs are out of the way it's just a matter of getting all of your skills back up and all of your binds down. Like wave 1, feel free to pop Echidna if you need a few turns to get the binds off before going to the last floor.

Target HP for moving on: Doesn't matter

Wave 4 - Twinlits!

This wave is pretty easy and straight forward. Pop your delay (use VO if you have him), pop both gravs, and take a look at the board. I usually pop both orb changers and try to make a mass attack of 1x5 light orbs, 2-3x3 light orbs, and 1-2x off-color (or as many as you can, of course). This just about one-shots them with a max level team. You should have no trouble finishing them off in time.

Bastet Team

If you're lucky enough to have an ultimate evolved Bastet, you have access to a second farmable, non-IAP team.

Bastet / Hera-Is / Hera / Echidna / Lilith / Bastet

Everything should be quite high level; 12025 HP is mandatory to survive pre-emptives. Your life will be easier if lilith is maxskilled, but I'm not going to throw around words like 'mandatory' there. We don't actually care about Echidna's skill level in twinlits but come the fuck on, maxskill her already.

Wave 1 - All of the lits

You must make either a 5-combo (will probably leave two mythlits alive) or a 6-combo (will probably leave one mythlit alive). Any less and you will die immediately. Any more and you will wipe the wave and die horribly on floor 2. Yes, sometimes you'll get a bloody 21-combo out of nowhere and just have to write the run off. Deal with it.

Your job is to stall against this wave. Potential 10K hits each turn is no joke, so if you left two mythlits alive you should probably kill one of them--it's much easier to be precise about this if one or both bastets are bound, since the mythlits don't have much HP. Make sure you have poisoner up and upbound and that echidna is no more than two turns away before clearing the wave.

Wave 2 - Dub-lits

I hope you have poison up! Remember to stall a turn here before actually hitting the poison button I guess. Get your HP to at least 12025 if you're still hurt from wave 1.

Wave 3 - Dubs and Tamadra

Delay. Combo as well as you can to kill off the dub-mythlits in the 7 turns you have. You need to deal 40 HP damage single-target in 7 turns, which correlates to 6 attacks each turn (thank god for dual element evolutions, eh?). You can use a mass attack or two to catch up if you have to, or if the tamadra gets frisky and binds your attackers.

Now that the fight is against a single tamadra, you can stall forever. The key is to realize that A) the tamadra can't actually kill you and B) failed matches still decrement your binds. Be careful here and only make matches at the top of the board with bound colors to avoid damaging the tamadra. Barring truly bad drop combo luck, you should enter wave 4 with gravs and echidna up. Also your attackers should all be unbound (or at 1 turn), since otherwise it'll hurt your damage output in wave 4. Yes, it could take a while of moving the same two orbs over and over. Shouldn't be that long, though.

Wave 4 - Twinlits!

2x gravs, hit bastet. Kill the angelit before bastet runs out. Kill the devilit before he kills you. You have a total of 4-5 turns (You might get 1 free if he spawns at 2, then 3 from the delay, then 1 as he buffs up.) to burn through 1.6 million HP, so get cracking.

Luxury Options

For those with fully awakened Amaterasu Ohkami, congratulations! You can stall forever on both waves 1 and 3. This will be true of Ceres too once she gets her Bind Resist awakening stateside.