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Why you should clear this dungeon

Trifruit Evolutions: If you're new to this game you might not have noticed yet, but Puzzle & Dragons has largely been ignoring its dragon population. Despite the "powerful" weekly dragon dungeons, just about every dragon in the game has been pretty mediocre compared to the other monsters (there are some exceptions). However it seems that Gungho is trying to change that, or at least they've recognized that they've neglected their namesake. They're slowly starting to give some of the dragons new busty evolutions that make them dramatically better. So much so that you might consider putting them on one of your teams! However in their traditional fashion, they've hidden the keys to these powerful new evolutions behind a difficult dungeon full of silly tricks that would have murdered you hadn't read this guide first!

Farmable Tamadra: At an expected 180 stamina per Tamadra, you can't go wrong trying to farm tamadra here. If possible I'd reccommend scrounging up a team to 0-stone this dungeon so you can stock up on Tamadra.

The Dungeon

Here's a strategic overview of the dungeon. You'll definitely want to refer to this if you're theory crafting your own team.

Be careful in this dungeon. You might be tempted to laugh at the cute and well known Thursday dungeon heroes such as Dragon Seeds and Dragon Plants, but if you're not prepared for them the can and will 1 shot you.

Wave 1 - Killer Dragon Seeds

Here you'll meet 1 Dragon Fruit surrounded by 4 Dragon Seeds. Each Dragon Seed attacks every turn for 31k dmg. On turn 3 the Dragon Fruit will attack for 166k dmg. The Dragon Fruit also has a pre-emptive that reduces your orb drag time by 3 seconds (to 1 second unless you have awakenings).

Just looking at the damage output, it's pretty clear you won't be able to tank this floor. The first thing you have to do is kill ALL of the dragon seeds on turn 1. Fortunately they only have 13378 HP so they're easy to kill, but unfortunately the Dragon Fruit's pre-emptive means you only have 1 second to make a combo that kills them all.

Once you get rid of the Dragon Seeds you'll have to kill the Dragon Fruit before he attacks. That means that you've got 2 more turns to deal 469k dmg to him.

An ideal team will have a large multiplier that will be able to easily deal 13378 damage in a mass attack that doesn't require more than 1 or 2 combos. This large multiplier will also help you kill the Dragon Fruit by turn 3 before he attacks.

Wave 2 - This is not Thursday Dungeon

4 Dragon Plants. Since this is sure to drop a Dragon Plant it may look like an awesome Thursday Dungeon floor but only if you don't let them attack.

On their first attack they'll bind 3 monsters for 1-2 turns, and on their second attack they'll do 200k dmg. They have a formidable 93144 HP.

Once again a high multiplier team will be able to overcome their HP before they attack you. With some luck one of them might spawn with a 3 turn countdown giving you more turns to stall.

Wave 3 - Time Bomb Tamadra

This floor features a Dragon Flower, Tamadra, and a Dragon Fruit.

The Dragon Fruit has the same 3 second drag time reduction pre-emptive it did on the first floor. The Dragon Flower has a 9383 dmg pre-emptive. Damage wise it's pretty laughable, but it will ruin your day if you're running a Zeus team. Both the Flower and Fruit will kill you on turn 3 if you let them attack.

The strategy here is pretty straight forward. Kill the Flower and Fruit before turn 3. Then you'll be able to stall for pretty much as long as you like on the Tamadra.

Once again a high multiplier team works pretty well because you'll be able to sweep the Flower and Fruit quickly. Beware of the Tamadra's bind. It would be very unfortunate if he happened to get your leader leaving you without a strong multiplier. If you've been playing very carefully you can have stalled for a total of 6 turns by this floor (3 on floor 1, 3 on floor 2). That means you can have an orb changer up if you've max skilled them. If you have awakenings you might also have other skills available.

Wave 4 - Trifruit!

The 3 Trifruit appear in this order: Red Dragon Fruit/Blue Dragon Fruit/Green Dragon Fruit

The red and blue fruits pre-emptively shield themselves, then on a 2 turn timer they change your orbs and hit you for ~10k dmg each. The green fruit sleeps untill you hit it (so be careful with you mass attacks), then it does 27k dmg every turn. The red and blue fruits have about 2 million dmg, and the green fruit has 3 million.

The best way to deal with this floor is by 1 shotting everything. Brawling all 3 fruit is pretty unmanagable because they can do a total of 50962 in a single turn, and they're all different colors. However it is possible to brawl just 1 fruit. An ideal team will either 1 shot the floor, or be able to kill at least 1 fruit before they attack. Keep in mind that the green fruit sleeps until you attack him so you can play some interesting games here. Remember, by this point you've stalled however long you need on the Tamadra so you should be able to unleash all of your skills.

Sample Team

Freyr, the Blazing Swordsman/Awoken Hera-Ur/Red Giant Gigas/Burning Phoenix Knight Homura/Goemon the Thief/War Deity of Fury, Ares

This fairly standard 422 red team can 0 stone it if you don't run into to much bad luck. Ideally you want everyone maxed leveled and RGG and Homura max skilled. Skills on goemon help a lot but aren't required. In my case there were about 200 plus eggs on the friend Ares, but none else where.

The first 2 floors are pretty simple. Make sure you make large combos to reduce the chances of getting orb fucked. Also be sure to stall as long as possible because RGG's and Homura's skills are really helpful on floor 3.

Floor 3 is slightly tricky because you want to kill the flower and fruit on the first turn so the Tamadra can't bind anyone important. However the fruit's pre-emptive makes this quite difficult. Good thing you stalled for RGG's and Homura's orb changing skills right? If you don't kill both them on the first turn with a mass attack, don't worry, the Tamadra might not bind your leaders! Once you have killed them and left the Tamadra by himself, you can stall for Goemon (Stalling on a Tamadra).

Floor 4: Ideally you killed the Tamadra, no one is bound, and the majority of the board is, or can become red via RGG and Homura. Turn 1 of floor 4 you want to pop Freyr and RGG and Homura. Make the most damaging match you can make and hit everyone. For turn 2 use Goemon and Hera-Ur. If you're high enough leveled, this should finish off the Red and Green Fruits, and leave the Blue Fruit under 50% hp so he changes to green. Next the only remaining fruit will skill bind all of your monsters. You don't care about that. You still have 1 last turn of Freyr, and he only has 1 million HP and is green. You should have no trouble killing him.

Now if you actually did that without stoning, pat your self on the back. Good job!


I can't find a video of a mono red clear, but in the mean time here are a few Satan clears that might explain a lot. Keep in mind these are maxed and mostly awoken teams so if they make it look easy, it's cause a whale will crush anything.