Hero Descended

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One of Highlander or Berserk is guaranteed to drop.


  • Floor 4 - Three Vampire Lords who can be synced, potentially dealing 26k dark damage combined every 3 turns. Each has 600k HP.
  • Floor 5 - High armor Highlander attacks every turn for nearly 6K, high HP Berserk attacks every 3 turns for 14k for a combined 20k damage.


  • Lots of damage - Egyptian and even well leveled (60+) mono-color 4/2/2 teams will be able to do enough damage to kill any synced vampires, pierce Highlander’s armor and even possibly kill Berserk before he attacks. Echidna is a necessary sub if your damage or HP are lacking, you can charge her up before the Vampire Lords and stall before killing the last Vampire Lord so that she’s up for the final floor. Mono-color teams have the advantage of being able to tank the boss floor at fairly low levels since 20k HP is not difficult to achieve with 2x HP.
  • Lots of defense - Lucifer, Drawn Joker, Fortoytops, Abyss Neptune, Noels, or other Angel leaders ensure your survival on the last two floors. Make sure you either have a poison or a high damage nuke to break Highlander’s armor since you aren’t using ATK multipliers. If you are using resists, make sure you are making a lot of matches on Floor 1 on the first turn to kill the red and light devils since you don’t resist them. Echidna and Siren are good subs to make sure you don’t get heart starved during your marathon.


  • Monogreen team - Every team member is above level 80 if not maxed, and many of the team members are max skilled.
  • Quad resist team - Fortoytops or Abyss Neptune required. Fairly safe but slow clears.
  • Farmable dark team - 100% Farmable dark team, can zero stone! Requires Lucifer friend leader.
  • ADK team - Blast from the past! This is a 6.25x ATK dragon knight team with Echidna. Everyone is max skilled and a fairly high level.
  • Valk team - Featuring everyone’s favorite: King Shynee. Two Echidnas, but if you stalled on the last Vampire Lord you would only need one.

See also: Vincent Valentine’s quick and dirty guide here.