Hera Descended

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Hera is a guaranteed drop. The gateway Descended dungeon because it gives you a farmable sub that has Gravity, which is necessary for other Descended dungeons.


  • Floor 8 - Neptune has 72k armor. and hits for 18k blue damage every four turns.
  • Floor 9 - Hades deals 82k dark damage every six turns and has 600k HP.
  • Floor 10 - Hera herself deals 12k dark damage every turn and has 2.5mil HP.


  • Dark Resist + Odin Defense (No REM) - Any kind of Hades, Dark Neptune, Dark/Light Venus, Drawn Joker, Ghostring, Helheim, or Chaos Devil Dragon(CDD) leader with an Odin friend will reduce Hera’s damage to 1.2k per turn,and Hades’ damage to 8k every 6 turns. You need to heal up manually every turn. To ensure that you will have enough hearts to do so, you will need a max skilled Siren and an Echidna, preferably also at max skill. If you are leading with a Neptune or Ghostring, then you can use their poison to defeat the enemy Neptune. Poisoning with Ghostring or Succubus/Lilith will take forever, so instead you can bring an armor breaker like any evolution of the Dark Golem, Machine Golem, Shiva, or any color of Knight. They will allow Odin’s nuke to pierce Neptune's defense and do some damage, and will likely be faster than poisoning him without your own Neptune. Your last slot should be a high damage nuker or a Rainbow Keeper for its defensive active in case things go awry. Be careful on Floors 1-4! You will need to take out synced enemies as quickly as you can.
  • Odin + Amaterasu Ohkami Defense - You need at least 16428 HP to survive Hades, and AO needs at least 495 RCV to recover to full every turn against Hera. You can fill out your team with Rainbow Keepers to pad your HP, but you need to bring something to deal with Neptune (Machine/Dark Golem is great here, or Neptune if you have one, but if you're very patient you can use a lowly Lilith or Ghostring).
  • Zombie Teams (No REM) - A low level Viper Orochi or Ogre of any color can be paired with a friend's Amaterasu Ohkami, along with low HP, high damage nukers like Devils or Mid Ninjas (preferably the Light variety, and skilled as much as possible). You will need a poisoner like Ghostring or Lilith for the enemy Neptune. You also need to do the math to make sure Amaterasu can heal you past 50% or 70% of your max HP each turn, depending on whether you’re using Orochi or Ogre. Another variant of the Zombie team uses a Valkyrie leader with Echidna/Siren/Siren/Lilith subs. At least one of the Sirens should be max skilled, but it is easy sailing past the first floor as long as Echidna’s active skill is up when you arrive at a new floor. Zombie teams are vulnerable to first floor bad luck if there are synced enemies, so you may need to try a few times.
  • Lucifer - Bring a poisoner for Neptune, and use two Lucifer nukes on Hades. If you don’t like poisoning, you can bring 4 Rainbow Keepers (or Dark Keepers depending on team cost) and use their active ability to survive Hades long enough for Morning Star to come back up. Everything else is trivial.
  • Lots of damage - And I mean LOTS of damage. The last five floors of the dungeon are basically a boss rush, so even using use your skills at the wrong time could cost you the run. If you’re a new player, this isn't the option for you.


  • Dark Resist/Odin clear Takes about 45 to 90 minutes depending on subs. Relatively safe clears and a team that can be built by beginners.
  • Valkyrie/Orochi clear with Siren/Siren/Echidna/Lilith subs. An hour and a half. A good lesson in how to avoid dangerous synced floors.
  • Amaterasu+Odin clear with Zeus/Hades/Laphroaig/Abyss Neptune. You don't need any of these particular subs but they speed up the run significantly - even with such beefy subs it still takes 20 minutes. See video description for team building tips.
  • An ADK clear! The player uses max skilled ADK’s, an Echidna, and Leek with Susano's active skill.