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Skills available to monsters after reaching final evolution attained by fusing either a Tamadra or the same monster at the exact same stage of evolution. For example, Loki's final evolution is Loki, the God of Guile, which has awakening skills in its status screen. Fusing another Loki, the God of Guile will grant an awakening skill. The ultimate evolution, Loki, the Finisher, will not, as they are technically different stages of evolution. Awakening skills will carry over, so fusing a monster with 2 awakening skills already unlocked will grant the target monster 1 awakening skill from the act of fusion, as well as carrying over the 2 already unlocked skills for a total of 3 awakening skills. This can be used to minimize the amount of evolution materials used on ultimate evolving monsters you are going to fuse away.

Often used by GungHo as a balancing mechanism. Strong monsters like Archangel Lucifer will often have weak awakenings while formerly less useful monsters like Yomi will have extremely powerful ones. Current metagame swings can be caused by changes or additions of awakenings to currently less used monsters.

Busty Evolution

Ultimate evolution. Term came from the Google Translate reading of the Chinese Puzzle and Dragons wiki.


Now labeled by GungHo as a "Gala". A elemental-themed ongoing "event" that modifies the REM machine to have a higher chance of producing monsters of the listed element, often leveled to 30 as a bonus. There is always a Carnival going on at any given time and it is highly recommended to not roll just because one is active, as the drop rates are extremely poor. Carnivals do not stack with Godfests (ie a concurrent Fire Carnival and Egyptian godfest will not increase the rate of Horus coming out of the machine). Only real relevance is when a desirable Carnival occurs at the same time as a Godfest, so if one "misses" a roll on a Godfest god, there is still a chance of picking up a monster at a higher rate of the Carnival's element.


Refers to the waves of orbs that fall from the top of the board as matched orbs disappear. Can often lead to Skyfall Combos which are mostly unplanned combos caused by newly arriving orbs matching with the leftovers of the current board or sometimes with themselves. Skyfalls are both boon and burden, as they can often save one from unsalvageable board states by unleashing an enormous combo that finishes off a wave or dropping a match of hearts that prevents you from dying the next turn. On the other hand, they can throw off your stalling and end up killing a wave before you are ready to advance. All teams are subject to this in one way or another but Combo Teams are especially more so as their damage multiplier increases greatly with each additional combo.

Change the World

The name of the active skill of Yomi and Venus. Grants 10 seconds to freely manipulate the board. This basically allows one to perfectly clear an entire board and maximize damage.


A skill, or monster that has a skill, that adds extra turns to the attack timer of all enemies of the current wave. Ranges from 1 turn to 5 and delays cannot be chained into one another (enemy must attack first before they can be delayed again). Can be used to buy time to regain your composure due to a bad combination of enemy attacks, skills or poor board quality. Often key to most high multiplier teams in order to deal as much damage before the boss inevitably one shots you.


Usually occurs around the weekend of an event that increases the chance of the highlighted pantheons of gods appearing in the REM machine by three times as well as enabling Godfest only gods to be attainable from the machine (Odins, Sonias and Metatrons). Highly recommended to be the only time you ever pull the lever on the REM machine and also a good time for people to roll new accounts.


A skill that reduces the current HP of all enemies of the current wave by a certain percentage. Sequential usage of these abilities can almost halve (or more) the HP of a boss monster before a single attack has been made. The more powerful variants are among the longest cooldowns in the game. Skilling up these monsters is a huge investment but cam be highly rewarding.


A monster that turns hearts into a specific orb color. Extremely useful on multi-color combo teams when you are lacking a specific color.


A monster that turns a specific orb color into hearts. Usually used as an emergency heal, but can also be combined with a heartbreaker or other orb changer for a 2 step orb color conversion process.


A skill or attack used by monsters at the very beginning of a wave, before any moves can be made, often found in more difficult dungeons.

Rainbow Team

A team that has one of each colour. See Team Guide.

Ripper Dragons

Dragons that come from the PAL machine or certain dungeons that have a leader skill of 50% resist to their own element, called "rippers" because their active abilitiy is a damage-dealing breath attack. They were formerly of significant value to new players but power creep has rendered them relics of a bygone era. They have been buffed recently and some have been given ultimate evolutions but even then, their utility has not risen significantly.


The process of doing minimal damage to a current wave to pass turns in order to charge monster skills or clear binds. In more difficult content, one must rely heavily on the activated skills of one's monsters in order to clear certain waves or the boss of a dungeon. The safest way to do so is to clear out all monsters except for a single one. Preferred targets for stalling are monsters like Masks or Ogres, which often do massive damage in one hit but have a fairly long timer between attacks. Stalling can also be accomplished by limiting one's damage by targeting the monster who is about to attack while leaving longer timer monsters alone until they are about to attack.

Often the best way to stall without killing is to make small matches of orbs that do not deal damage, preferably at the top of the board. This minimizes risk of unforeseen cascades triggering actual damaging orbs or large enough combos that will kill the wave prematurely. It is also a good idea to do some orb management to sequester damaging orbs away from potential cascades.

Note that you have to match at least three orbs to reduce skill cooldowns by a turn, but you do not have to match orbs to take a turn off your bind counters.